May 10, 2019

Welcome to our new Community Forums

Hello all,

Welcome to our new Forums, As a lot of you already know, our old Forums had limited functionality and some long term bugs/issues occurring. The team at Blue Bird Digital, who have sponsored the QBSA by providing a new website and Forums for us, after testing realised that the old website and Forums could not be saved and it was best to start with a clean slate.

These Forums have modern features and will continue to grow and add more functionality moving forward. The Forums are split into two main sections, Public Forums (which can be viewed by all) and Members Only Forums (which become visible once you have signed up and logged in).

There are separate sections for each type of tournaments we have, Snooker and Billiards, as well as a section for Pennants.

For a personal touch, you can upload a Profile Picture and include some information about your Snooker & Billiards history. We will also add the logo of the Club you represent to your Profile, as well as any Tournaments Titles and Awards you win moving forward. We even have Private Member to Member Messaging built in.

There is a section under the Members Only Forums where you can leave both Feedback and ask for Support. Please feel free to use these for help or contact me directly.

I hope we can all help spread the word and get these Forums back to the hive of discussion they used to be.

In the next coming week, our New Website will also be launched. Stay tuned!


Nate O’Connor

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