December 13, 2019

Redlands Snappers Win the 2019 QBSA B Grade Billiards Pennant

Congratulations to Redlands Snappers for their win over Sherwood Knights in the final of 2019 B Grade Billiards Pennant.

Monday 9th December:

Major Semi-Final: Redlands Snappers def Sherwood Knights 5-0

Jayden Dinga def Mick Ryan 214 – 189 (3-0)
Paul Talbot def Rob Bayliss Snr 169 – 154 (2-0)

Tuesday 10th December:

Minor Semi-Final: Redcliffe Lions def Southport Coasters at Redcliffe (6-0)

Josh Hands def Chris Dietrich 237 – 144 (3-0)
Lance Baker def Nick Hanlin 201 – 196 (3-0)

Wednesday 11th December:

Preliminary Final: Sherwood Knights def Redcliffe Lions at Sherwood (4-3)

Rob Bayliss loss Josh Hands 136 – 208 (0-3)
Mick Ryan def Lance Baker 209- 86 (4-0)

Thursday 12th December:

Grand Final: Redlands Snappers def Sherwood Knights at Redlands (4-0)

Jayden Dinga def Rob Bayliss 197-196 (2-0)
Paul Talbot def Mick Ryan 171-165 (2-0)

Congratulations to Redlands Snappers, Minor Premiers and B Grade Champions.

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