Queensland benefits from some of the highest quality billiards and snooker coaches in Australasia. The QBSA’s Coaching Director is Bob Turpin, one of the best junior and adult coaches in Australia and he is joined by several quality coaches who provide excellent one-on-one and group coaching sessions at various cue sports venues around Queensland.

I’m interested in receiving coaching

To inquire about receiving coaching as a junior or adult in Queensland, please contact Bob Turpin on 0452 033 193.

Alternatively, we have several different regions and their coaching contacts listed below.

I’m interested in becoming a Coach or renewing my Coaching Accreditation

The QBSA is always on the lookout for quality coaches and along with the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council (ABSC), encourages and requires coaches to complete the official accreditation process to be able to appropriately provide coaching to players young and old.

If you’d like to gain coaching accreditation for the next three years, there is a process to follow. That process includes the following steps:

  1. Fill out the ABSC Coaching Accreditation Form.
  2. Complete the details required on the form, and sign it.
  3. Provide proof of current Blue Card status (a copy of your certification or approval letter showing your Blue Card number will suffice). If you do not have a current Blue Card to be able to coach juniors, please email Des Turner as the coordinator for all QBSA related Blue Cards (recommended). If you have already requested a Blue Card via the QLD Government (here) then you’ll still need to make Des Turner aware of your Blue Card number, please.
  4. Present your completed form and Blue Card proof in person to Bob Turpin so he can ensure you are suitably qualified. Bob Turpin can be contacted at 0452 033 193.
  5. Pay the nominated accreditation fee ($150.00 for new coaches, $60.00 for renewals – 3 years) to Account name: QBSA. BSB: 034086. Account number: 146996. Please put reference: Coaching – YOUR NAME.
  6. Once Bob Turpin has signed your completed form, these will be scanned with your Blue Card proof and emailed to the QBSA Secretary, Garvin Gray.
  7. Your application will be processed by the QBSA and you will be notified directly once you have received your coaching accreditation approval.

Please note coaches need to renew their coaching accreditation each year, following the steps above each time (in full).

Should you have any questions about this process, please call Bob Turpin on 0452 033 193.


1 North Brisbane - Chermside Peter Williams 0412 397 957
2 North Brisbane - Redcliffe Pete Williams 0403 823 270
3 South Brisbane - Redlands Bob Turpin 0452 033 193
4 Gold Coast Terry Stewart 0408 799 337

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