April 1, 2019

A Message from the President

Hello Members,

Thank you for accepting my nomination and voting me in as the QBSA President for the next three years, and hopefully many more years after.

I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you all know what my goals and plans are for the QBSA moving forward.

I believe that the QBSA needs all areas of the Association to be looked into and where necessary, wholly restructured from the ground up.

A lot of the decisions for 2019 have already been made, with the Pennants and Calendar already underway, so a lot of the changes we will want to make cannot be implemented until 2020.

Rest assured though, we will be working extra hard in 2019 to research and plan for 2020, and we will keep all Clubs and Members up to date with any upcoming changes.

In the short term, I will have three main focuses. Firstly will be improving the public image and reputation of the QBSA. I believe the quickest and easiest ways of doing this will be through improvements to our website and improving incoming and outgoing communications with our Clubs, Members, and the general public, through regular contact and via media outlets.

That brings me to my second main focus, I plan on contacting each of our Clubs over the coming months, to not only introduce myself but to find out what changes they believe need to be made and how we can help their Club and our sport grow moving forward. I plan to also contact and introduce myself to the President’s of the other State and National governing bodies.

Lastly, I will be focusing on contacting other Clubs located in the rest of Queensland, including the Central, North and West regions of the State, to try and get a better understanding of our Sport outside of South East Queensland. Hopefully, these Clubs and their Members will also become apart of the QBSA.

I also look forward to getting to know and working with the other members of the Management Committee, as I know that they have experience and unique skills to offer, and are just as committed to making our sport grow and improve.

My passion and commitment to this State and sport are higher than they have ever been and I promise to do everything in my power to make sure we grow and move forward together.

Every decision I make, every opinion I give, every idea I propose, will never be for any one person, group, business or Club. They will be for the best interest of the sport.

Thank you again for your support, and if you have any questions or suggestions, my door is always open.


Nate O’Connor
QBSA President

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